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Wonderful time at Inle Lake and Khaung Daing village


INLE LAKE of Southern Shan State, is very well known in Myanmar for its floating village, morning market, floating gardens, colourful ethnic groups, leg rowers and fishermen. It is a huge lake situated 875 meters above sea level and surrounded by green hills. It is a famous wetland for wildlife.

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Walking around Yangon

This is the best way to see the real Yangon, the melting pot of different culture and the life of its people. But, to avoid the heat and crowd, it is good to start early morning or weekends. You should be well equipped with sun screen, hat or umbrella, sun glasses, drinking water and most importantly, your camera.

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Myanmar (Burma) is the nation with a lot of cultural heritage and these include musical instruments. One of the earliest records about Myanmar musical instruments were found in Chinese history which describe a musical band of Pyu Dynasty from Srikestra in 802 AD visiting Chinese imperial court of Tang dynasty. Thebronze images of this musical band is now in display at the Art and Craft show room at the National Museum of Yangon.

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An essential thing for people in Myanmar is umbrella which protects us from sun and rain.They can use it not only for dry weather but also for wet weather. The leaf of umbrella can resist wet condition but parasol cannot. Parasols and umbrellas can be seen in many places in Myanmar, these are used for beauty and shade.

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When you arrive in Myanmar (Burma), you will notice the faces of children, girls and women wearing yellowish paste. It is called Thankha in Myanmar language. It is the bark of the tree, botanical name as Limonia Accidissima.       

It protects the skin from sunlight and makes the skin feel cooler in hot weather. It is a traditional cosmetic and also is a kind of whitening material herbal .It is believed to help remove acne and promote smooth skin. There has no allergy and also no side effect by using Thanakha. It is widely applied to the face of women, girls and children and is lesser used by men and boys.                                                    


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