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When we visit around residential area in Myanmar (Burma), we can see local people are playing a typical type of a ball woven by rattan. It is Chinlone which means cane ball; it gets its name from the ball which is used in the game. It has been playing over 1500 years ago as a traditional sport in Myanmar.

It is a combination of sport and dance, more on creativity, not competitiveness, and no opposing team. It is friendly game played by both men and women and it is a popular activity at many Buddhist festivals that take place in Myanmar.

In 1911, U Po Thin went with the circus which travelled to India, Europe and America,and that trip made to introduce Chinlone as the first Myanmar traditional sportto export.

In 1924, they were invited to London by a group to perform at the British Exhibition, held at Wembley. While visiting they took time out to play at Empire Wimbledontoo. Other delegations cultural have seen Chinlone travel to China and Thailand but now Myanmar is inviting the world to visit its shores to take part and complete in this national games.

How it was played is; the players contact with six points of contact that are used to strike in Chinlone by the toe, the sole, the heel, the inner and outer sides of the foot, and the knee.


It is a team sport by six persons in circular, one of the six players move to the centre of circle while all the players try to assist him or her by trying the ball that he strikes back to him to save the ball in a single attempt .The player in the centre is called a soloist and tries his or her best to demonstrate sport and dance move .Then back and forth between the soloist and the other players continues until the ball drops on the ground and is declared dead. Myanmar traditional orchestra is supporting the players and along with adding to the enjoyment of the crowd.


Nowadays, players have over 200 different ways of kicking the ball in Chinlone. Sometimes we can see single playing as a kind of performance for public on the stage or on the ground as showing the professional skill of player. That is incredible movement of playing regular Chinlone or glittering fancy balls known as Ywe lone in Myanmar language, standing only one leg on the bottle putting four or five level of stool.


Another kind of   playing by two teams of three person in each team that type of playing is a little bit similar like volley ball but kicking by the type of Chinlone.

Playing Chinlone can be played by any age, any place, any gender, costs nothing, everyday keeps you healthy and a splendid mood. Myanmar people are proud of that sport as a national symbol.

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