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Trekking can be done in many places in Myanmar especially in the mountainous region of Myanmar {Burma}. Visitors have the opportunities to go and visit the tribal villages around NatmaTaung {Mt. Victoria}in the Chin State , Northern western Myanmar, around the Inle lake, Pindaya or Kalaw in and around Kyaing Tong{Keng Tung}, eastern Myanmar. Visitors can not only enjoy the scenery but also interact with the villagers .Chin villages around NatmaTaung {Mt.Victoria}are not only picturesque but also interesting. The women folks in these Chin villages tattoo their faces accordingly to their ancient beliefs. Some have whorls, some have spider webs designs on their faces. The villages around Kyaing Tong are of many different tribal races. There are Akhas, the Lisus, Palaungs villages among others.

trekking1-01Apart from the above mentioned places trekking can also be done inside many national parks in Myanmar. There are 15 ecotourism sites opened by the Myanmar Forest Department where international visitors are welcomed.  AlaungDawKathapa National Park is one. It offers visitors to go long range trekking inside the forest. The Pho Kyar Elephant Camp and the Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camps also are good places to go trekking and enjoy nature of Myanmar.

The scenery and views are of its nature and the farmers working on the fields are the most beautiful nature of life for the visitors. With the taste of these experiences the demand from the visitors to include trekking is increasing year by year. Trekking experiences are the only witness for the travelers for which they can make close observation on culture and nature of the various tribes living on the mountainous land.

There are about 135 ethnic tribes in Myanmar. They can only distinguish from one another by their dress and language. In general, each tribe occupies a different niche, either geographically or in traditional as a whole.

You cannot miss this natural wildlife parts and different tribe people stay in original style from the Northern to Southern part of Myanmar.

Sample Trekking Programs

The under-mentioned items are recommended for your trekking journey. At the villages some toiletries are required and well water or stream water will be available for bathing and washing hands. There is no separate bathing room. Mouthwash and for gargling, mineral water bottle is recommended. Other needs are sunglasses, good gripping trekking boots ( depending on the weather ), hat, sun cream, some cookies or biscuits if lunch is late. Some candies to hand out to the kids on the way.

For the trekking tour the following items are essential:

  • good walking shoes
  • warm jacket and cloths (nights can be very chilly)
  • sarong and towels
  • first aid kit
  • mosquito repellent
  • mosquito net


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