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Myanmar or Burma is the right place for adventure travel. Adventure tours involves activities that test your determination, a good deal of physical exertion and even a little bit of danger. Myanmar{Burma} has many good places for adventure travel. One of the newest sport in adventure travel introduced in Myanmar{Burma} is white water rafting. There are many places in northern Myanmar {Burma}where white water rafting can be done. The Malihka river, one of the two major tributaries of the Ayeyarwady {Irrawaddy} River is now being promoted as one of the best rivers to go white water rafting in Myanmar {Burma}.The rapids here are rated at level 4 and in some places at level 5. The added attraction of white water rafting in this part is that the rafters trek to the headwaters, sometimes even four or five days. But on the way, they pass through native Kachin and Rawang villages and get to stay with them and study their daily life. The people are friendly and will help you carry your loads and let you sleep in their houses.

Mountaineers would also love Myanmar{Burma} as there are still many unconquered peaks in the country. Most of these are in the Kachin State are in the southern spurs of the Himalaya mountain system and connected with the Yunnan Plateau. Almost all of these are covered in perpetual snow and ice. Currently, the frequently travelled mountaineering route is to scale the Hponkanrazi mountain. Mt. Hkakaborazi at 5881 metres is the highest mountain in the South East Asia mainland and had only been conquered once in 1996. Trips to Mt. Saramati near the Indian-Myanmar border are also possible. It is a high mountain peak covered in ice and snow and the border demarcation pillar right at the top.

Bird watching is also possible in Myanmar. There are approximately 1000 species of birds that are endemic to the country not counting the migratory species that make Myanmar their home during the northern winter time. Even a supposedly extinct bird species called the Gurney’ pitta was found in the wild about a couple of years back.

Other adventure sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, rock climbing are still not developed yet in Myanmar{Burma} but there are many potential sites for these kinds of sports.

naga-01Naga Land

Photos courtesy from Brenda Davidson-Shaddox

Myanmar is one the country on the world that stands proudly for its numerous rich culture. In Myanmar there are over 135 tribal groups living on the plain as well as on the hills. Among them Naga tribes are spread throughout the northwest hills of Myanmar, along the Indian border. While each tribe is unique and certain aspects of tribal culture differ, they share many common beliefs and practices.

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Chin Hills

Optional trip to Chin Hills & Mt. Victoria base from Bagan

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