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Located between 17° 34' N and 96° 35' E in Bago and Waw Townships of Bago Division, Burma


40 squares miles.

Year of Establishment

Established in 1986.


70 miles from Yangon along the Yangon-Bago-Pyinpongyi Highway.


    (a) To conserve Burma 's resident and migratory water birds and their habitats.
    (b) To conduct scientific research on resident and migratory water birds in cooperation with international scientific organizations.
    (c) To organize extension programmes to educate the public in Burma on the importance of wetland ecosystem and public participation in wetland conservation activities.

Forest / Vegetative Types

More then twenty species of aquatic grass and herb (Emergent macrophytes) including kaing grass and water are present in the sanctuary and Notsaba (Oxyza officinalis) grow particularly in shallow aera of the sanctuary. Especially Kaing grasslands are the most suitable breeding ground for water birds.


    (a) Water bird species- (42)Nos
    (b) Shore bird species - (33)Nos
    According to the census conducted in January, 1998 it is noted that a total number of (4529) birds inhabited the Moeyingyi wetland wildlife sanctuary.

Conservation, Development and Research Programmes

    (a)Conservation of water birds and their habitats.
    (b)Conducting research on resident and migratory water birds in cooperation with international scientific organizations and conversation and management training courses.
    (c)Implementation of wetland conservation and management programmes.
    (d)Construction of basic infrastructure such as an information center, a rest house, a restaurant and two bird observation towers needed for the promotion of ecotourism and in joint-venture with a privately owned tour company, Shweyiwin Co.,Ltd, to promote ecotourism.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

    (a) Watching resident and migratory water birds and enjoyment of natural view near Yangon.
    (b) Conducting research activities on wetland ecosystem.
    (c) Study wetland environment by boat.
    (d) Accommodation for 5 to 10 persons at a guest house.
    (e) Nine boat-shaped timber houses accommodating two in each room.


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