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Mahasi Meditation Centre is located in Hermitage Avenue on Kaba-aye Pagoda Road. There are over one hundred buildings on the ground for housing the meditation teachers and Yogis (Meditation trainees). Both men as well as women are provided with complete retreat facilities. Foreign Yogis seeking admission should be ready and willing to undergo full-time vipassana meditation according to the rules and regulations. Boarding and lodging costs are free for foreign Yogis during the period of their stay and practice at the centre.

Both vegetarian or non-vegetarian breakfast and lunch are served at the centre have to keep the eight precepts and one of the eight precepts is to abstain from eating solid food after 12:00 noon. There will not be any evening meals. However soft drinks are allowed. All Yogis are expected to keep the eight precepts during their stay at the Meditation Centre, and these rules are explained by the meditation teachers.

In this way, each Yogi will acquire the guidance of personal attention throughout the course and will have the opportunity of perceiving sufficient meditation knowledge.


  • Throughout the meditation period only Myanmar longyi (Sarong) must be worn and it is also comfortable. (Western dress- shorts and skirts) are not allowed.
  • Chan Mye Yeik Thar Meditation Centre is also located on Kaba-aye Pagoda Road and has the same facilities and rules as mentioned above.

Our service

We will be please to render our service for application procedures to the center and if requested we will also arrange transfer and accommodation during meditation. Then visit extend to other worth visiting places like Bagan, Mandalay & Inle Lake can be followed later or before the retreat.

International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University Yangon Myanmar

The above-mentioned university has newly established on 9th December 1998 at Dhammapala Hill near Sacred Tooth Relic Pagoda, Yang on, Myanmar. Myanmar has carefully preserved Theavada Buddhism for nearly one thousand years. Now she is sharing her knowledge of Buddhism both in theory and practice with the people of the world to promote their happiness and moral well-being. For the first time, those who wish to learn Theravada Buddhist canonical texts and insight meditation in Myanmar tradition will have a chance to study them at the same institution.

Academic Requirements

Any applicant for Diploma in Buddha Dhamma will have to meet the following requirements.

  • The foreign monks, nuns and laymen must have passed at least the Matriculation or equivalent.
  • Need to sit for an entrance examination prescribed by the university.- Should have some knowledge of Pali, Sanskirt, Theravada Buddhist Scriptures, fluency in spoken and written English is desirable.

Please see Religion heading under and for very details please contact to Dr. Hla Pe, E-mail: [email protected]

Should you need any assistance, you are most welcome for any further queries